WISL Rules & Spring and Fall Game Permutations (gets adjusted for specific team scheduling requests) 

Contact WISL:  Chip Terrill

Phone:  202-374-WISL (9475)
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mail:  Po BoX 101085
Arlington, VA 22210


25 player roster limit


check your team waivers on League Apps: 

each week by 11pm Wed to know who eligible to be on your game roster for the following weekend

rosters emailed to:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. -- deadlines = 12pm Sat teams & 2 pm Sun teams each Thursday before weekend of play

submitted electronically for submission to referee crew who bring rosters to the game

managers send rosters electronically to ONLYThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view

(if new player ADDED during season: that must have executed waiver by 11pm WEDNESDAY of player's first game) executing after may be too late for the following weekend

WEEKLY submission THURSDAY of EACH WEEK before game of a complete ALPHABETIZED by last name team game roster including addresses and DOB (on Excel spreadsheet from [if questions at field arise about player being the player at the field and no DOB listed roster then referees will be directed not to allow player to play]  SATURDAY TEAM ROSTERS DUE BY 12:00 PM; SUNDAY TEAM ROSTERS DUE BY 2:00 PM EACH THURSDAY.   


ALPHABETIZED ROSTER will facilitate game check-in

Thursday deadlines necessary so that rosters can be electronically distributed to the referees for them to bring to the game for following weekend

at game, check-in by team roster with every player listed and game jersey # on roster and player using player driver's license or passport for verification.




League Forfeit Rule

There is no longer any ability of a WISL team to call and forfeit its game. Games will be played as scheduled.
No notice of a forfeit will be accepted.  Games must begin no later than 10 minutes after scheduled time and each team must have at least 7 players dressed and on the field ready to start the game. If a team is short, the short team shall forfeit and referees are to report such shortages to league commissioner for official designation of forfeit. 

Referees are directed to begin the clock running 5 minutes after the time game is scheduled to kick-off and to initiate play as soon as 7 players are present.  Time removed will be deducted equally from the two periods of play.

A forfeiting team shall pay the entire referee fee for the game. The only exception shall be if the non-forfeiting team agrees to play a "friendly" against the forfeiting team.

If the non-forfeiting team agrees to play a "friendly" game after a forfeit is declared by referee, then both teams split referee costs. 

Whether or not to to play a "friendly" game is at the sole discretion of the non-forfeiting team. However, all WISL teams are encouraged to split players and to play a "friendly" when another team has made the effort to get its players to the field. The more players a team gets to the field, the more likely it will be that the non-forfeiting team will agree to play the "friendly."

In every instance of forfeit, should the non-forfeiting team agree to play a "friendly" game, the referees are to referee the game within the allowed time remaining as if no forfeit were declared. If referees refuse to referee the game they do not get paid. 


 League registration twice per year and any league meeting run by Robert's Rules of Order

  • In schedule, first listed team is home team. (Example: "7 v 9", 7 is home or Fraternum Magnum v British Tigers: FM Home Team).
  • FIFA rules apply except as noted below.
  • Games versus World Bank, IMF, World Bistro Guys may be periodically scheduled at Bretton Woods Recreation Center (BWRC) unless scheduled elsewhere. [SOMETIMES you need to obtain code from your opponent to get through automatic locked gate; WISL Commissioner does not have code.   Recently, however BWRC has not had its gate down].
  • Once a season's schedule is announced as final, any rescheduling of games is totally discouraged.  There will be no rescheduling of games without the Commissioner’s prior approval and even only then CONSIDERED when both teams agree and the team requesting is willing to pay for the cost of the field time slot being vacated and the two teams are willing to pay for the new field being obtained.
  • Games not made up by end of season are scored as a 0-0 tie.
  • Home team that sponsors a field provides field listed free to opponent and if fails to provide field forfeits.
  • Games must begin no later than 10 minutes after scheduled time and each team must have at least 7 players dressed and on the field ready to start game; if a team is short,  the short team shall forfeit and referees are to report such shortages to league commissioner for official designation of forfeit    Referees have been directed to begin clock running at time game is scheduled to kick-off and to initiate play as soon as 7 players are present.  Time removed up to 10 minutes total will be deducted equally from the two periods of play.
  • The forfeiting team pays the entire referee game fee; however, if both teams play friendly game after forfeit declared by referee, then both teams split referee costs.  In every instance of forfeit, should either or both teams decide to play a friendly, referees are to referee a game within the allotted time remaining as if no forfeit were declared and each team splits referee costs.  SEE FORFEIT RULE ABOVE
  • Team game rosters are verified by Commissioner and then sent to referee assigner for dispersal to referee crews.  Player ID must be presented to the referee and for inspection by opposing team prior to the beginning of the first period or it forfeits.
  • Game result stands once game enters 2nd period of play.  Team causing termination of play at any point during game or using illegal player shall be sanctioned with a forfeit and a period of probation.
  • Opposing team must bring complaints regarding eligibility of any player to referee's attention immediately after beginning of second period of play.
  • Referee retains questionable rosters and forwards same to referee assigner.  
  • If not provided by the venue permitting authority, each team is responsible for putting up one net and two corner flags.  Corner flags are generally not expected for all weather turf fields.  
  • Home team provides game ball & changes jersey color if color conflicts with visiting team.
  • All team primary jerseys must be numbered.
  • All games have prearranged referees.
  • Each team pays half referee fee before game. Cost of referees (per team) is as follows:
  • Back to back games, 1 ref = $60.00; 2 refs = $80.00; 3 refs = $90.00; if single game = $ 100.00. per team for 3 refs or $ 10.00 per team for 1 & 2 ref system.
  • FIFA DOGSO rules will not be used in any WISL games.
  • Unlimited substitution is allowed during games on:
    • all goal (not corner) kicks
    • own throw-ins or kick-off
    • player injury
  • up to 25 players on roster per game.
  • Each team may have on roster total of 25 players at any given time.  New players may be added during entire season by completing waiver of liability by midnight Wednesday before first game to be played. 
  • A player may not play for more than one WISL team in the same division.  Players may play on more than one team.    Player must execute separate waiver for each team for which they plays by using new unique email address for each team and pay $ 5.00 by credit card for each team..  If both teams enter Terrill Cup, player must select the team he will play for during the duration of the Cup.  Once signed to a team and after the first game of the season, a player may not transfer to another team in the same division; i.e. from a Saturday First Division to another Saturday First Division team, from a Saturday Second Division team to a different Saturday Second Division team, etc.
  • New players may be registered until the final regular season game.
  • Any player suspected of suffering a concussion shall be removed from the field of play at the direction of the referee and shall not be allowed to return to play that day even if this results in that player's team having to play short.  
  • Red-carded players incur a one game sit-out.  Additional sit-outs are levied at discretion of the league commissioner.  A player to successfully complete a multi-game suspension must be carried on the roster of the team for which he incurred the suspension for the entire period of suspension and the team incurs a loss of a slot for the period of the suspension.   
  • Cumulative yellow cards (three over a season (not including Cup play) or two in one game) are treated like a red card.  Once Terrill/Blassie Cup begins, cumulative yellows are zeroed out.   However, red card bookings in Cup will then apply to the 1st game in the following season immediately following Cup play or the next seasonal game whichever occurs first.  Single game red card carryovers from prior seasonal play carry over to next season but not to Cup play.  Long term suspensions however apply to both Cup and seasonal play.  Teams are responsible for keeping track of cumulative yellow cards and if player plays with three yellows or red; team forfeits.  Player playing for more than one team is responsible for reporting to both teams his red card and/or cumulative yellow cards since red card and cumulative yellows will apply against both/all teams.  If player plays on red card or cumulative yellows or without being properly registered including playing on teams in the same division of play, he shall be automatically suspended for balance of season or at least five games whichever is more and suspension shall carry over to next season if incurred in last game.
  • Referee shall have discretion before or upon issuing a yellow card to send offending player (replaceable) from field for up to 2 minutes based on harmful or threat of physical contact (this includes dissent, taunting, trash talking, etc).
  • Red cards carry over to next season.  
  • Referees may at their discretion direct any red carded player/coach/manager to leave the entire area of the venue.
  • Player assaults generally incur a minimum 5-game suspension; i.e. pushing, shoving, non-punching/non-head butting type behavior.  
  • Player assaults involving striking with the fist or head-butting generally incur a 10 game suspension and if player has record of violent behavior or enters the field of play such suspension shall be one year.  Suspensions at commissioner discretion.
  • Referee verbal abuse is generally a 5-game suspension. Verbal assault of a referee is a 10-game suspension. Referee assault is a 2-year suspension.
  • If referees fail to appear, each team is to provide a referee for one half each and game must be played.
  • All forfeits are scored 3-0.
  • Three forfeits per season and team will not be registered the following season.
  • League structure:  League shall be composed of ten slot Premier, First, Second and Third Divisions one each on Saturday and Sunday with lower divisions adjusted based on critical mass of teams registering.  Two ten slot Opal/Developmental Divisions [one Saturday and one Sunday] and an over thirty age or greater division if sufficient teams exist.
  • Standings are determined by point total:
    • 3 points for win
    • 1 for tie
    • 0 for loss

At the end of regular season, in the event of a tie in total points within a division, the tie breaker is "head-to-head" results, then goal differential. If 3 or more teams are tied in points within a division, the tiebreaker is head-to-head competition (total points obtained) from within just the group of 3 tied teams and if tied on points within tied group then goal differential from divisional play, then total goals scored, then coin toss.

  • Promotion/Relegation (based on teams invited to return to WISL and in good standing with WISL Field Fund)
    • Bottom team from each of the Premier, First, Second, Third Divisions shall be relegated to the Division below it.
    • Winner of each of Division shall be promoted to the next higher Division -- Saturday to Saturday, Sunday to Sunday above it.
    • The last place finishing teams from each of the Third Divisions shall be relegated to an existent Opal Division and the top finishing team in any Opal shall be promoted to the Third Division --   Saturday to Saturday, Sunday to Sunday
    • If a team being promoted does not register or chooses not to accept promotion, then the team in the same level of competition for the prior season of the team choosing not to accept promotion or failing to register and that had obtained the most points shall compete for the open slot against the highest finishing team being relegated or any team returning to its prior level of play.  Teams taking a break have a one season grace period return to their prior level of play.
    • If an existing First Division team chooses not to re-register, the spot shall be filled by a play-off between the highest finishing team being relegated and the highest finishing team not promoted [highest team not promoted determined by the percentage computed by taking total points obtained during seasonal play divided by points possibly obtained.  If neither is available and a former First Division team desires to return, at Commissioner's discretion.
  • Single elimination Cup playoffs may be held after the end of each season or just prior to next season based on seeding from prior season.  For single division on Saturday and on Sunday, the Cup will be composed of the highest finishing returning team from each of the two divisions. For two 10 team divisions divisions each weekend day, the Cup shall be composed of the top three returning Saturday & Sunday Premier Division teams & top 1 Saturday and Sunday 1st Division returning teams (not participating in out of league Cups) or top 4 teams in highest level of play if no division below highest level of play assuming such teams are in good standing with the WISL Field Fund and are registered in WISL at the time of Cup play.  Revolving trophy and medallions to champ.  In event of tie in Cup play at the expiration of time: 2 @ 5 minute overtimes (no golden goal) for round of 16 and quarterfinals followed by penalty kicks; 2 @ 10 minute overtimes (no golden goal) for semifinals followed by penalty kicks; and 2 @ 15 minute overtimes (no golden goal) for final followed by penalty kicks.
  • Field section on home page contains inclement weather cancellation telephone numbers.
  • Disciplinary Actions/Issues
  • Referee assault (when contact is involved) results in lifetime ban with reinstatement possible after any Commissioner sanction completed generally two years and only then after a majority vote of team coordinators present at the next league meeting following completion of the period of suspension.   Verbal assault is a one year suspension; verbal abuse is a five-game suspension. Player assaults result in in minimum of 5-10 game suspensions depending on severity of assault.  Further questions, call WISL Commissioner, Chip Terrill at (202)374-WISL.
  • Disciplinary actions imposed on players and reported electronically during season by Commissioner Terrill are not appealable; disciplinary actions against teams during season shall be determined by Commissioner and once the action is in place then such action is appealable to WISL Disciplinary panel composed of John Loy, Delbert R. Terrill, III and Giulio de Tommaso, the latter is Chairman of the panel.   Decisions of Panel are then appealable to team representatives present at the next league meeting after Panel has made its recommendation.
  • Any team that causes WISL to lose a field permit because of its conduct at a venue is immediately removed from the league and any successor team composed of more than five members of that team can not be registered in WISL.
  • No team referee bond is refundable to a team, if one or more of its players or the team is under sanction for disciplinary action for misconduct by the team or one or more of its players.
  • Disciplinary action has been taken against the following players that are currently banned from any league play and the following named players may not play for a WISL team without obtaining a majority vote of the team coordinators:


































































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